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Julia Amend

Registered Midwife

Certification in Professional Midwifery through the North American Registry of Midwives Portfolio Evaluation Process (2013-2018)

Midwifery Apprenticeship with Anita Tupper RM, CPM, and Kattie Jones RM, CPM (2016-2018)

Registered Nurse

My Story

My name is Julia Amend and I’m a Certified Professional Midwife and a Registered Nurse in Denver, CO.

I’ve always called Colorado home and I plan to continue thriving here for many years to come. I began my journey of serving childbearing families as a nurse in an urban maternity hospital in Little Rock, AR. 


This was followed by two years working on labor & delivery units and high-risk obstetrics units in Nashville, TN. The things I learned and the people who touched my life through those experiences were incredibly valuable.


I then began questioning whether the hospital was truly the best place for all healthy people to have a baby, so I began exploring and reading as much as I could about midwives and out-of-hospital birth. 

In 2013 I had the privilege of traveling overseas to learn directly from traditional birth attendants and midwives from around the globe. I was supervised attending births in Uganda, Cambodia and Guatemala throughout the course of that year, and focused my study on what kind of care is most important for people in low-resource settings.


Upon returning to the United States I went back into nursing for a season and have since worked in hospitals in Roswell NM, Frisco CO, Aurora CO and Denver CO. Starting in 2016 I joined a home birth practice as a midwifery student and completed my training under some of the most skilled midwives in the Denver area.


I assisted in over 60 home births over the next 3 years and completed my clinical requirements through the North American Registry of Midwives. I am honored to have earned their certification and to serve home-birthing families in Colorado to the best of my ability.

My Philosophy

I believe in safe, holistic, client-centered and evidence-based care. 

Safe: the immediate and long-term health of both mother and baby are always my top priority when having discussions and making decisions. 

Holistic: the client’s entire physical, emotional and social well-being are taken into account when providing care. 

Client-centered: keeping my focus on the needs and desires of the person giving birth, providing education about all possible options, and ensuring that agreement is reached on the plan of care before action is taken. 

Evidence-based: our understanding of excellent care is continually changing as birth professionals throughout the world gain new knowledge. I make every effort to stay informed about current research on pregnancy and childbirth, to share that information with my clients, and to use it in the process of shared decision-making.

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