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Our Services


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Free Consultation

If you are considering midwifery care, I offer a free one-hour consultation for you and your family to discuss your needs and preferences, what to expect in a home birth, and the midwifery model of care.

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Service NameBirth Attendance at Home

When active labor is established after at least 37 weeks gestation, I remain at the client's home for personal support, monitoring safety, the birth of the child, postpartum and breastfeeding support. Water-birth services are available upon request. In the event that hospital transport is needed I accompany the client until birth, or until she and the newborn are stable

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Full-Spectrum Prenatal Care

Office visits are scheduled according to each client's needs. Each one-hour visit includes physical assessment, nutritional counseling, birth preparation, addressing concerns, and possible referrals for lab testing and ultrasounds. At least one prenatal visit will take place at the client's home.

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Postpartum and Newborn Care

I complete 2-3 postpartum visits in the client's home up to 2 weeks after birth, then office visits as needed until 6 weeks after birth. These visits include maternal and newborn assessment, breastfeeding support, family planning counseling and possible referral if needed.


All around amazing care (during a Pandemic) from Midwife Julia Amend. My husband, Guthrie and I were due with our first baby during the pandemic, Covid19, on June 19, 2020. We had planned originally to give birth in a hospital setting. Once the pandemic hit, and we were faced with some challenges surrounding the ability to have a support person present at the birth. This was a terrifying thought as a first time mom, so we weighed our options and decided to go for a homebirth instead. This is where we found Julia! From the minute we started to chat with Julia, Guthrie and I could both tell that she was the perfect fit for us! Even through a screen, her passion, experience, and professionalism mixed with a down to earth energy really made us feel so comfortable in very uncertain times. When we got to meet her in person for our first visit, we were immediately eased in our nerves and excited to have found such an amazing Midwife. She was SO knowledgeable about everything birth and postpartum related and answered a million questions that we had, with ease. At around 40 weeks we were really getting excited and felt so prepared, thanks to having Julia on our team. Well, 40, 41, weeks came and went and on the morning of my 41w5d, my water broke and of course we called Julia right away - we were waiting for this moment! Well, the day came and went and we were up against a time clock now. The next morning Julia came to our house and stayed with us for hours. I was definitely disappointed but with her help and support gained the confidence I needed to continue on a different route. Luckily, Lutheran Hospital allowed Julia and my husband both to come to the birth. I was so overjoyed! Her level of care and compassion and expertise is absolutely unparalleled. We feel so lucky that she helped to deliver our daughter, Carter, and was with us every step of the way! If we were to have more kids in the future, there is no question about who our midwife would be - It's 100% Julia! She is truly a baby and family's angel on earth and we couldn't be happier with the care we received from her through our entire journey of pregnancy and delivery! Thank you Julia ◡̈

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