Free Consultation 

If you are considering giving birth at home, I offer a free one-hour consultation for you and your family to discuss your needs and preferences, and the midwifery model of care.

Full-Spectrum Prenatal Care 

I follow the conventional schedule of visits for prenatal care. Each one-hour visit includes physical assessment, nutritional counseling, discussion of birth preparation, addressing concerns, and possible referrals for lab testing and ultrasounds. At least one prenatal visit will take place at the client's home.

Birth Attendance at Home

When active labor is established after at least 37 weeks gestation, I remain at my client's home for personal support, supervision of safety, continuous presence for the birth of the child, postpartum and breastfeeding support. Water-birth services are available according to client preference. In the event that hospital transport is needed I accompany the client until birth, or until she and the newborn are stable.

Postpartum and Newborn Care

I complete 2-3 postpartum visits in the client's home up to 2 weeks after birth, then office visits as needed until 6 weeks after birth. These visits include maternal and newborn assessment, breastfeeding support, family planning counseling and possible referral if needed.

Phone and Email Support 

Once a care relationship is established I am available via call, text or email Mon-Fri 8am-5pm for questions and concerns. I am available via phone call 24/7 for emergencies. Beginning at 37 weeks gestation I remain on call 24/7 for active labor, and afterward for postpartum emergencies.

Doula Services

For those planning to birth in a hospital or birth center, I offer doula support services. This includes one free consultation, 2 prenatal visits to discuss the client's needs and preferences, continuous labor and birth support, immediate breastfeeding support, and one postpartum visit. If hired as a doula, I do not participate in any clinical decision-making or tasks.

As a Midwife, I  Do Not:

Make Decisions for my Clients

As a midwife I support my clients and their families in informed decision-making. I provide access to the best available evidence, open space for discussion, and occasionally make recommendations based on clinical experience. I believe each care-related decision should ultimately be made by the person receiving the care (or the parent of the newborn receiving care).

Make Medical Diagnoses:

As a Certified Professional Midwife I am qualified to support normal pregnancy and birth, manage discomforts of pregnancy, and identify abnormal signs and symptoms in the mother or the newborn. Complications that are outside my scope of practice will be referred to a physician for diagnosis and treatment.

Prescribe Pharmaceuticals:

I provide counseling concerning herbal supplements, vitamins and medications that may be obtained "over the counter". Clients taking medications that require a prescription may receive midwifery care, and must continue seeing their prescribing physician. With the exception of anti-hemorrhagic medications at the time of birth, new medications needed in pregnancy will require a physician visit. 

Community Referrals

It actually does take a village to have and raise a baby, and in the Denver area we're privileged to have many family-related resources. These include midwives, doulas, pediatricians, obstetricians, counselors, social workers, chiropractors, parenting support groups, special-needs groups and more. I am able to connect you with many of these services as needs arise.