I recently hired Julia and Generations Midwifery at the end of my second trimester after a very disheartening midwife experience at other midwiferies in the area. Julia was always personable while being professional at all times. Being a soon-to-be single parent with almost no family in the area meant that my pregnancy felt very stressful at times, to say the VERY least. Julia always had answers for my seemingly endless questions, and if she didn't know (she usually did), she would get back to me promptly. With COVID running rampant, she was very accomodating and would be willing to do home visits frequently. Her advice pre-partum, I feel, was key to having such an easy homebirth.

For the actual birth, I was provided with a list of items (some optional) that would be needed for the birthing well ahead of my due date. This proved invaluable as I ended up having my son at 37 weeks on the dot! In addition to her wonderful midwifery skills, Julia was able to also provide an inflatable birthing tub for use (with a liner that I purchased) during labor. Since my son came a bit earlier than expected, we were all caught off guard when he started really making it clear his arrival was imminent around 1:30am. I called my sister, told her to come, and then called Julia who headed my way and let Katie, the assisting midwife know that it was time.

While everyone was getting the birthing tub ready for use, I labored on the bed, with periodic assistance from my sister, a friend, Julia, and Katie. I'm so glad that I had such control over the environment I was laboring in! During the contractions, any sound aside from the light, wordless music playing seemed to be more sensory input than my body could handle--I don't think I would have had the same wonderful birth experience at a hospital, that's for sure! As I labored, Julia and Katie's wealth of collective knowledge really came through with advice on ways to be more comfortable, to ease this or that, etc.


After laboring on the bed for several hours, the birthing tub was finally full and ready! I stepped into the tub just as another contraction gripped me, allowing me, after it had passed, to feel the top of my son's head! It was the first time I'd ever touched him! The next contraction came very soon after, in which my son torpedoed into this realm of existence, being caught by Julia's deft hands mid-torpedo.


Julia hands me my son so that we can have time together immediately following his birth. This moment is still so surreal in my memory! Here, finally, is the little life I've so carefully nurtured and sang and read to for the last 9 months! After helping me out of the tub, my son is handed back to me so that we can try his first latching. He does well, though Julia does offer more advice over the next week or two as needed.


Julia takes all of his vitals and does all of the immediate postpartum things that need doing. She and Katie, along with my friend and sister start getting things cleaned up. They make sure that I know what I need to do in the next 24 hours and make sure I know where all my supplies and such are.


The weeks that folllow are a sleep-less blur. I remember throwing out my back (APPARENTLY delivering a human to this side of existence takes more out of a person than you realize...), and Julia and Katie going above and beyond to make sure I had things I needed.


Julia also did all of his neonatal checkups up to 6 weeks which was a relief since I was apprehensive of taking him anywhere out of the house unless absolutely necessary.


We had a scary moment where my son had to go to the hospital due to low blood-oxygen levels, during and after which Julia was just INCREDIBLE! She was super accessible and got back to me quickly each time. I don't think I could have gotten through everything from my pregnancy, birth, and after without the amazing women of Generations Midwifery, Julia specifically. I am so eternally grateful to these women of incredible talent and spirit and immensely happy with my decision to choose Generations Midwifery. I will definitely be back for the next kiddo!


All around amazing care (during a Pandemic) from Midwife Julia Amend My husband, Guthrie and I were due with our first baby during the pandemic, Covid19, on June 19, 2020. We were 36 year old first time parents and excited and nervous all wrapped in one. We had planned originally to give birth in a hospital setting. Once the pandemic hit, and we were faced with some challenges surrounding the ability to have a support person present at the birth. This was a terrifying thought as a first time mom, so we weighed our options and decided to go for a homebirth instead. This was a switch that we made at around 30 week pregnant. We needed to find a qualified Midwife soon and were a little overwhelmed, to say the least. This is where we found Julia Amend! We interviewed several different Midwives over a couple weeks. Because there were no in person meetings, these were done through Zoom. From the minute we started to chat with Julia, Guthrie and I could both tell that she was the perfect fit for us! Even through a screen, her passion, experience, and professionalism mixed with a down to earth energy really made us feel so comfortable in very uncertain times. When we got to meet her in person for our first visit, we were immediately eased in our nerves and excited to have found such an amazing Midwife. She was navigating such unprecedented times with a confidence and also warm approach that was extremely unbelievable. We had multiple in home appointments with her, during our prenatal care. And although we didn't get to see her face, through the masks that she had to wear, I could always feel her warm smile. She was SO knowledgeable about everything birth and postpartum related and answered a million questions that we had, with ease. She has been doing this not only in our country, but has experience overseas, as well. She told us stories and gave us so much information, all while making us feel like we were her number one priority and only clients (although we knew she had many other families she was working with at the same time) at every single visit! She is truly such a joy to work with! Julia came to our house, always on time and so well prepared for the remainder of our pre-natal care. We looked forward to her visits! At around 40 weeks we were really getting excited and felt so prepared, thanks to having Julia on our team. Well, 40, 41, weeks came and went and on the morning of my 41w5d, my water broke and of course we called Julia right away - we waiting waiting for this moment! She met us with the same cool and confident attitude as always and told us to continue on with our day and stay in close contact with her. She gave me many suggestions to stay comfortable and in control during this time. Well, the day came and went and we were up against a time clock now. The next morning Julia came to our house and stayed with us for hours. My water had been broken now for almost 24 hours, so we were faced with having to do a transfer of care to the hospital instead of home birth. I was definitely disappointment but with her help and support gained the confidence I needed to continue on a different route. Luckily, Lutheran Hospital allowed Julia and my husband both to come to the birth. I was so overjoyed! Julia stayed for 2 days with us at the hospital, until my daughter was delivered at 42 weeks! Julia did NOT have to stay with us through this experience, but she did. And this meant the world to our family! Her level of care and compassion and expertise is absolutely unparalleled. During very stressful times, she was a rock for us. We feel so lucky that she helped to deliver our daughter, Carter, and was with us every step of the way! We looked forward to her post-natal visits and now that we don't have anymore we truly miss her. If we were to have more kids in the future, there is no question about who our midwife would be - It's 100% Julia! She is truly a baby and family's angel on earth and we couldn't be happier with the care we received from her through our entire journey of pregnancy and delivery! Thank you Julia ◡̈


Birth is an incredibly intimate experience and as first time parents it was so important for my husband and I to have a connection with those present at the birth of our daughter. When we met Julia she was a student about to complete her training in midwifery and we were incredibly happy with her knowledge and her ability to answer any and all questions we had for her about pregnancy and the birth process.


Throughout our visits with Julia we sensed the genuine care she had for her clients and the comfort that she wished for them in their pregnancy and birth. She was able to provide suggestions and tips as well and assure us of the process and normality of some of the concerns we were experiencing during the pregnancy. Julia was honest, passionate, knowledgeable and caring through the entire process of working with her.


During the birth she was amazing and so hands-on when I needed her to be! She was calm and reassuring through the most painful parts of the birth and acted quickly and kind when I was at the peak of concern in my labor. I cannot express how wonderful our birth was because of Julia and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a fantastic midwife!

Julia is simply amazing. Our seventh child was playing games with us all in regards to the timing of his arrival, and so we delayed in calling the midwives, and we almost waited too late! Julia, who was actually our midwife's assistant, had enough time to take off her jacket, put on a pair of gloves and calmly guide my wife through a couple of pushes and our little guy arrived. I remember feeling comfort in Julia's calm demeanor and skillful approach, she just took control over the situation and we completely trusted her. My wife and I absolutely recommend Julia for anyone looking for a midwife!